XCMG Unveils Remote Equipment Operations [VIDEO]

December 17, 2021

XCMG XP305AI Compactor with Insta360 Pro 2 Camera.

XCMG has partnered with Insta360 to develop remote control systems for its pneumatic rollers. The system was unveiled in October at the 2021 United Nations World Conference on Sustainable Transport. It is currently operating in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China, with machines controlled thousands of miles away in Beijing. In addition to compactors, this solution is applicable to other construction equipment, including tower cranes, excavators and unmanned aerial vehicles, according to XCMG.

The teleoperation solution uses the Insta360 Pro 2 360 camera positioned on top of the equipment. The camera streams live very high quality 360 footage and delivers images to the remote operator over 5G.

“The 5G intelligent cabin solution is compatible with a variety of construction machinery and equipment,” said Liu Xiaodong, chief engineer of the XCMG Intelligent Road Control Research Institute, in a prepared statement. “Expert operators no longer need to be on site to drive construction vehicles, and additional drivers can also remotely assist with construction activities when difficult tasks need to be done. “

According to Insta360, operating a job site remotely has many advantages.

Benefits of remote operation of construction sites

  • Improved worker safety: Insta360 suggests that over 66% of on-site personnel could be eliminated. Without a manual operator, construction machinery can now continue to work in extreme environments without endangering the safety of the operator.
  • Save time and money: Construction work can be done without the limitations of manual labor. Projects could be completed in half the time. Remote operators less expensive than on site.

How does XCMG teleoperation work?

XCMG XP305AI roller comes with 5G communication module, vehicle remote control system, LiDAR sensor and Insta360 Pro 2.

  • The 360 ​​camera captures high-quality panoramic image data of the construction site.
  • The 5G communication module transmits the data directly into the smart cabin for the remote operator to view in real time.
  • The LiDAR sensor provides precision point cloud measurement data which is also shared with the remote operator.

Operators monitor in real time via the panoramic viewing screens located in the smart cabin or while wearing VR glasses. Operators can make judgments based on the construction task at hand and transmit the instructions to the vehicle control unit. This system provides operators with comprehensive immersive inspection and machine control capabilities.

Insta360 will continue to innovate and deliver 360 technologies in a wide range of industries with a mission to help companies like XCMG develop breakthrough new solutions.

Source: Insta360, XCMG

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