World’s first all-terrain electric vehicle prepares for pilot phase

UK-based EMotive, creator of the world’s first zero-emission all-terrain electric vehicle, launches £ 180,000 Crowdcube campaign to take its prototype and eco-alternative to the Mercedes Benz Unimog to the next stage of development , ready for demonstration and licensed mass production.

Ranging from fire rescue all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to agricultural, forestry and adventure touring trucks, EMotive aims to bridge the yawning gap that currently exists for this class of transport. By creating an affordable and accessible green solution for the off-road industries, where mid-weight utility, adventure and off-road vehicles have a global value of over $ 5.48 billion, EMotive is tapping into a market that is expected to grow at a compound annual rate. growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2% (2020 to 2027).

Above: one of the few off-road prototypes designed and built by EMotive

While new cars and vans must meet the UK government’s zero emissions targets for exhaust targets by 2035, the next big target will be light and medium commercial and off-road vehicles. is why EMotive designed and developed its disruptive electrical system. platform for mountain bikes from 6 to 12 tons.

The government’s long-awaited transportation decarbonization plan, released on July 14, 2021, supports this view, with proposals to end the sale of trucks powered by fossil fuels. As part of this plan, 2035 has been set as the end date for the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles weighing 3.5 to 26 tonnes.

Elsewhere, increasingly stringent emission standards for off-road vehicles have been implemented by government authorities, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards by the United States Protection Agency. of the Environment (EPA), BS-VI in India and China VI.

By licensing its technology, EMotive plans to leverage the experience and established worldwide sales and service networks of existing manufacturers, enabling it to move quickly from prototype to manufacturing. The licensing model, which earns a royalty on each unit produced, has been used successfully by EMotive founder Bruce Palmer with his previous company, Elemental Digest Systems.

Built around a bespoke commercial chassis architecture and advanced powertrain, EMotive uses a unique intelligent power distribution system to provide pure electric drive to the individual wheels. The platform can be configured for two, four or six-wheel drive depending on the application, allowing its technology to be used in everything from utility vehicles to all terrain and military vehicles capable of operating in some of the harshest environments. of the world.

E-Motive’s sophisticated electrical architecture includes advanced torque control, intelligent power distribution and telematics, as well as intelligent control strategies that allow easy integration of user equipment such as the autonomous control.

To date, EMotive has invested nearly £ 2million in developing and prototyping the physical form of the vehicle and the design of its smart powertrain. The next step will be to complete and refine the fully functional prototype ready to be demonstrated to business partners and produced under license.

The EMotive team draws on the experience of Supacat, Flybe and Formula 1, and has been involved in the development of technologies for Caterpillar, Lotus, Ministry of Defense and McLaren Automotive. Its founder, Bruce Palmer, has built and marketed global multi-million dollar businesses, including Forthglade Pet Foods and Elemental Digest Systems, which has itself successfully raised £ 1.5million through Crowdcube.

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