Why the CCC must be defeated in 2023

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Happison Chikova


As Zimbabwe heads towards general elections in 2023, it should be on people’s minds that “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo”.

The meaning of this saying penned by President Mnangagwa is profound, as it demonstrates the practicality of being Zimbabwean.

Being Zimbabwean is not only expressed in words, but in deeds that aim to contribute to the development of the country, starting at the individual level.

This is a wake-up call that will continue to ring beyond the harmonized elections of 2023, and every Zimbabwean should be singled out for their efforts to contribute to the development of the country.

Let’s face it, the West and its allies have contributed little to the development of Zimbabwe and sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.

Indeed, during colonialism, Western countries had an interest in benefiting themselves from the resources of the colonized countries.

Even after independence, Western countries pretended to be gone, but in reality they continued to salivate over the abundant African resources in the former colonies.

Therefore, when they claim to work with African countries, they do so with a primary focus on how they can take advantage of the abundant natural resources, not with the aim of helping to develop the countries.

This is why when Zimbabwe regained its land, most of the multinational companies operating in the country shut down as an act of economic sabotage.

They had lost one of the main resources they thought they had forever.

Multinational companies have a habit of exporting raw materials and establishing manufacturing industries in their home countries, creating millions of jobs for their friends and relatives, thus disadvantages the host countries.

After exploiting the resources, they then produce finished products at high prices which they export to developing countries from where they would have extracted the raw materials.

This untenable relationship cannot continue without being challenged by developing countries.

It is a system of exploitation that disadvantages developing countries, who end up being the beneficiaries of an unfair and unfair system.

In Zimbabwe, we thank God for Zanu PF’s policy on beneficiation and value addition, which forces companies exploiting natural resources to stop exporting without first transforming the resources into high-value goods.

That is why in 2023, Zimbabweans must give Zanu PF more time to govern and implement the people empowerment agenda to fully reap the rewards of independence.

Zanu PF is a resilient party that has pushed the development agenda aggressively, especially after the advent of the new dispensation in 2017.

The party’s history of being people-centered has seen the West and its allies fund political activities through failed projects such as the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and a host of non-governmental organizations in the goal of overthrowing the Zanu PF government.

The same people who once dressed up as MDCs are now wearing the CCC (Chamisa Chete Chete) jacket to disguise donors who might think this is a new political outfit.

Yet it is a group of people without an agenda, the same old faces that failed in the MDC.

There is nothing to expect from a people without ideology and without values, and who think of selling their birthright and the wealth of the country for a few coins.

The Western-sponsored NGO sector has become a commercial zone where our lazy brothers and sisters make a living spreading lies about a democratically elected Zanu PF government.

To make matters worse, most of the people who tell lies about the government and Zanu PF are the beneficiaries of the same government’s socio-economic safety nets.

Who in Zimbabwe has never benefited from the Zanu PF government since 1980 in one way or another?

Most of those who face the CCC’s colonial project are the result of Zanu PF’s free education policy, which saw them go through university on government payments.

Nelson Chamisa and his colleagues benefited from the government education system.

The madness of some of our opposition brothers has reached such a point that they are approaching foreign televisions and radios to discuss their lies about Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.

They formulate the lies and then stir up a debate around those lies to the point of bringing them to gullible foreign media where they peddle them as the truth.

Do South Africans or Americans hire Zimbabwe’s television and radio stations for airtime to denigrate their leaders and discuss their internal affairs?

This shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with the crop of opposition leaders in Zimbabwe.

This culture does not identify with Ubuntu, but with a spirit of mental degeneration.

If it’s democracy that’s causing all this psychosis, better they stay with their kind of democracy, while we keep our pan-Africanism.

Progressive countries like Zimbabwe have been fought to the bitter end because of their black empowerment agenda.

It is then mind-boggling to understand why some of our compatriots in the opposition think that one day America and its allies will play a leading role in the development of Zimbabwe.

Their short memory does not allow contextualizing the effects of the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by those presented as the architects of democracy.

Progressive African leaders whose agenda is empowerment and development have been branded as dictators and human rights abusers by the same people who the opposition believe will bring development to the country.

It was Muammar Kadhafi, then Robert Mugabe, John Pombe Magufuli, then our worthy leader, President Mnangagwa.

They are all reviled, but their main achievements are to improve the status of their local people and ensure that they are empowered to participate in development and lift themselves out of poverty.

Under the leadership of President Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe is experiencing peace and tranquility, which are the foundation and cornerstone of sustainable development.

A simple checklist of President Mnangagwa’s development program will reveal that almost all the boxes have been ticked through the implementation of various development programs aimed at lifting people out of poverty.

That’s why the president is now known with his famous saying to “leave no one or place behind”.

There is no doubt that the government of President Mnangagwa has opened up democratic spaces and avenues for good governance. On the other hand, the government has built massive infrastructure such as dams, roads, airports and ports of entry.

The list of these infrastructure development projects is endless, all aimed at improving people’s lives towards achieving the 2030 Vision of achieving an upper middle income economy.

It must ring in the ears of Zimbabwe’s enemies, especially Western-sponsored political parties, that infrastructure development is a catalyst for economic growth.

Other programs include Command Agriculture, the Presidential Livestock Transmission Program, and the Presidential Agricultural Input Programs.

What about social welfare and security services under the National Social Security Authority and the Department of Social Services?

These have provided social safety nets to the population and ensured that those who cannot access services due to their status are bailed out.

It is heartening to see that most people in rural areas and marginalized places appreciate these simple economic principles more than those in urban areas.

Serial critics of the government should remember that the higher education system that enabled them to acquire their degrees, bachelors, honours, masters and doctorates was the result of the use of the Zimbabwean dollar which kept fees at low levels. affordable rates.

But when you hear them criticize the Zimbabwean dollar, you would think that they are not beneficiaries of the same government programs.

They even criticize gold coins now, but some of the countries that support them use these coins in abundance.

They want to paint a picture that gold coins are only bad when it comes to Zimbabwe.

For them, anything from the West and its allies is fantastic and anything from our government is superficial.

That’s how their managers made them behave, otherwise they don’t get any funding.

Only in Zimbabwe is even a school dropout now acting as finance minister.

Our comrades in the opposition must not forget that Zimbabwe is in economic transition. Many other countries have, at some point, gone through such transitions.

Is the government wrong to open mining space to Zimbabweans to own and control their resources? These national programs are associated with sustainability because, as capabilities develop, mines will consistently benefit future generations.

Where in Africa can you find all these empowerment programs like the ones put in place by the Zanu PF government? Zimbabwe is now Africa’s development torchbearer, thanks to the Zanu PF government and its progressive policies.

So don’t be left out.

Zimbabweans must give Zanu PF more time to govern and fully implement the empowerment agenda, by 2023 and many more elections in the future.

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