WATCH: Romanian citizens block NATO military base construction equipment

WATCH: Romanian citizens block construction equipment at NATO military base Credit: Twitter @AZmilitary1

Videos of Romanian citizens in Cincsor blocking construction material from a NATO military base began circulating on social media on Tuesday, September 20.

Footage of Romanian citizens blocking NATO military base equipment was shared on Twitter, with one user posting:

“⛔️ 🇷🇴Romanians are blocking passages for NATO equipment.”

“The inhabitants of the village of Chinkshor, in Romania, are trying by all means to prevent the construction of a NATO military base. Now they have blocked the bridge on which the materials are transported with concrete blocks. »

The reason why residents of the town of Cincsor, in the Romanian county of Brassov, are blocking the passage of military trucks involved in the construction of a nearby NATO base, is said to be due to fears for the safety of the bridge.

“In Brasov, a convoy of military equipment got stuck on a bridge in the town of Chinkshor. Fed up with the constant movement of the trucks, the villagers placed concrete blocks in the way of the vehicles.

“The bridge is one of the few access routes to the Chinkshor training ground, where work is underway to build a base for the NATO group,” sources quoted as saying politically.

Vehicles carrying less than 12 tons are the maximum limit allowed for those wishing to cross the bridge, but the Romanian Ministry of Defense reportedly gave the order to send the trucks there, which were also carrying 60-ton tanks.

Residents erected concrete blocks to stop them, eight French trucks were reportedly blocked on Tuesday.

Residents say if the bridge is damaged they may not be able to access the roads.

The news follows reports that Romania wanted to increase the number of NATO troops in the country and extend their stay, according to the head of the country’s foreign ministry, Bogdan Aurescu, on June 15.

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