TIA offers ATS Certified Instructor Courses


BOWIE, MD – The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is offering in-person courses this year for Certified Automotive Tire Service (ATS) instructors in three cities.

Sessions run from August 31 to September 3 in Baltimore, November 16 to 19 in Los Angeles, and dates to be determined in Charlotte.

The 400-level certification program provides instruction on recommended procedures for servicing automotive and light truck tires, TIA said.

Topics include the relationship between torque and clamping force and tire pressure monitoring systems relearn procedures on domestic and imported vehicles.

“The Automotive Tire Service (ATS) Certified Instructor Training Tour returns with an emphasis on hands-on instruction and demonstration,” said Kevin Rohlwing, senior vice president of training for TIA.

“Certified ATS is definitely a hands-on program where instructors and technicians must demonstrate the skills to service passenger car and light truck tires. “

The four-day course includes an exclusive tire condition analysis module that will help technicians identify the reasons for irregular wear.

For more information and to register for one of the courses, visit tire industry.org or contact Christine Hoogenboom at [email protected] or 800-876-8372, ext. 106.

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