serving in NYC in 2025

Electric aircraft maker Archer has unveiled its Archer Midnight eVTOL and announced that it will serve New York from 2025.

The Archer Midnight electric plane is one of many planes launched by startups promising to revitalize the “mobility industry”. But comparatively, Archer goes about it conservatively. The company does not promise self-driving flights to a city near you, nor does it promise that its plane will take you around the world. The Archer Midnight is a piloted electric aircraft designed for fast commutes in congested cities.

The Archer Midnight is a fairly small aircraft, carrying only four passengers and a pilot. But the electric plane has a total payload of 1000 pounds, which allows for a large amount of cargo. The Midnight uses electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology to limit its need for airstrips, and with its swivel motors it can reach 150 mph. With a total range of 100 miles, the CEO says Midnight has enough range for many quick commutes in congested cities like New York and Los Angeles.

The production-ready version of the Archer Midnight is a big milestone for the company, as it only has to wait for safety certification (hopefully in 2024). Shortly thereafter, in 2025, Archer will begin service between New York City and Newark International Airport, with many routes planned for the future.

A point of clarification, while Archer has already flight tested its Archer Maker aircraft earlier this year, it is unclear if the same tests have already been performed with the Archer Midnight.

After discussing the company’s timeline, Mr. Goldstien turned to the technical hurdles the electric plane design had overcome. Julien Montousse, automotive designer turned Archer, aerospace designer, cited visibility, comfort and ease of access as his top concerns. The Archer Midnight achieves unrivaled views through the use of carbon fiber; the lightweight material allowing Archer to use more glass (a relatively heavy material) in the cabin.

Archer also aimed to make their aircraft easy to assemble and comfortable to travel. These challenges have been overcome by the quiet operation and compact design of the electric motors which maximize interior space. The landing gear has also been specially designed to keep the floor of the aircraft as low as possible, making entry and exit comfortable and easy.

The final challenge that was touched on briefly was affordability. Archer hopes the Midnight can be used by a lot of people, not just the ultra-rich. However, it is still unclear whether the company has achieved this goal without pricing information.

Electric aviation continues to grow and amaze with the constant release of new technologies. With Archer’s clear path to certification and implementation, we may be closer than ever to personalized electric flight experiences. However, with a long road to FAA certification ahead of them, don’t hold your breath for service just yet.

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Archer Midnight eVTOL Electric Aircraft Unveiled: Service in NYC in 2025

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