Samsung C&T is developing a system for eliminating risks associated with “RED” equipment

Samsung C&T Hazard Elimination Device / Courtesy Samsung C&T

Samsung C&T announced on October 28 that it has developed the Hazard Elimination Device (RED), which uses information communication and sensor technology to collect and analyze uptime and location data for construction equipment in real time to remove unnecessary equipment and prevent safety accidents.

RED monitors the operation and location of equipment put on the job site, then analyzes the collected data to avoid unnecessary seizure of equipment and shorten the wait time for work.

In addition, accidents can be prevented by notifying equipment operators and safety officials in real time when approaching the danger zone.

When the Equipment Hazard Suppression feature is introduced, various equipment related data, such as site access, is automatically recognized, reducing unnecessary paperwork.

It is also possible to easily and quickly request a reservation for the use of equipment via mobile, allowing intelligent processing of work on site.

Samsung C&T plans to expand and apply RED to frequently used construction equipment in the field, such as lift tables, mobile cranes and forklifts in the future.

The company plans to build a safer, smarter site by connecting to existing site management systems.

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