RWC acquires EZ-FLO International, manufacturers of EZ-FLO ™ and Eastman ™ products

RWC Expands Portfolio of High Quality Product Solutions, Strengthens Supply Chain Capabilities and Expands Distribution Footprint to Better Serve Customers Across All Channels

ATLANTA, November 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Global Trusted Society (RWC) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of EZ-FLO International, a leading manufacturer of plumbing supplies and specialty plumbing products. During its 70 years of activity, RWC has made strategic advances to optimize its product portfolio, deepen its distribution network and continue to strengthen its customer service capabilities. This legacy continues with this acquisition, expanding RWC’s product, distribution and manufacturing capabilities to better serve customers.

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Founded in 1980, EZ-FLO has grown rapidly by continuously expanding its product line. In 2000, EZ-FLO acquired Eastman, which is a leading brand in appliance connectors, supply lines, shut-off valves and gas connectors. The Eastman brand immediately positions RWC as a leader in home appliance connectors, including plumbing, gas, hot water and dryer venting.

RWC’s family of brands includes SharkBite â„¢ push-to-connect plumbing solutions, HoldRite â„¢ technical solutions for plumbing and mechanics, Cash Acme â„¢ control valves and John Guest â„¢ fittings and fluid distribution products. Now with the addition of the EZ-FLO and Eastman brands, customers will benefit from more premium products, as well as the combined supply chain capabilities that will help ensure products are available where and when customers need them, thus strengthening customer service across the board. canals.

“EZ-FLO Eastman’s legacy is one of growing through entrepreneurship, quality, relentless customer service and brands our customers trust”, President of EZ-FLO Paul Wilson noted. “By joining RWC, we align ourselves with a like-minded partner to further accelerate growth and expand our capabilities to benefit our customers and the business as a whole throughout. North America and Latin America. “

“RWC’s strategy has been to innovate and commercialize solutions that disrupt and transform the industry and make commerce more efficient through improved performance on the job site, while adding value to its channel partners.” , said the CEO of RWC Americas. Sean mcclenaghan. “The addition of the EZ-FLO and Eastman brands does just that. It gives our customers access to more premium products and trusted brands, while improving our accomplishment capabilities and service improvement, through a larger distribution footprint. “

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Reliance Worldwide Corporation is a market leader and manufacturer of water control systems and plumbing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Established in 1949, RWC’s portfolio includes leading brands in the sector: Shark bite® push-to-connect plumbing solutions; HoldRite® technical plumbing and mechanical solutions; Cash® control valves and John Guest® fittings.



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