Owners of Microtech Welding Acquire Shar Systems – Driving Growth for the Future |

FORT WAYNE, Ind., January 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Fort Wayne-based Shar Systems has been acquired by the owners of Microtech Welding, who have a vision for the long-term growth and success of the industrial mixing and processing business. 55 year old fluids.

Matt Wojewuczki and Doyle McCauley bought Microtech Welding four years ago after enjoying successful careers with large corporations. Through their professional experience, they have become experts in their respective fields: manufacturing and supply chain, process improvement, culture building, sales and marketing; and just as they did at Microtech, they will bring this expertise to the table to reinvigorate Shar Systems and build on its longstanding success in its industry.

Since the two bought Microtech, they have steadily improved processes and grown the business. “We discovered that we like working in small companies, so when we were presented with the opportunity to acquire Shar Systems, my partner Doyle and I knew we couldn’t pass it up,” Wojewuczki said. “Our goal will be to continue Shar’s longstanding focus on customer satisfaction and employee development.”

The new owner was official January 3, 2022, and Wojewuczki explained that there were many reasons why the investment made sense: 1- proximity to Microtech Welding; 2- the size of Shar Systems will allow them to be agile and bring immediate improvements; 3- it has a strong heritage within the community and industry; 4- and it has a proven track record of longevity making it a very interesting and exciting opportunity.

“Shar Systems already has a large customer base and produces a high-quality American product,” McCauley explained. “We approach this with a growth mindset and look forward to improving service, delivery and installation.”

About Microtech Welding

Microtech Welding Corp. is dedicated to high quality and advanced technologies in metal joining process. It is a multi-faceted welding services company that is growing in the biomedical industry and serves the tool and die, automotive, and aerospace industries, among others. .

About Shar Systems

With a focus on service, delivery and installation, SharSystem is well known for building durable and reliable mixers and dispensers. Learn more at https://www.sharsystems.com/

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Matt Wojewuczki, Microtech Welding, 1 2609186041, [email protected]

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