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Washington city officials are planning to create a sixth industrial park.

The move comes as the last two large lots in the Elmer C. Heidmann industrial park are under contract with JB Capital Investments and LMI Aerospace.

These pending purchases will leave little room in Washington’s existing industrial parks for companies wishing to expand or locate here, according to Washington’s director of community and economic development Sal Maniaci.

“We still want to have land available for businesses and businesses,” Maniaci said, adding that the city is now doing due diligence for a sixth industrial park with the goal of having land under contract by this fall. .

In addition to the Elmer C. Heidmann Industrial Park, Washington also has the John H. Feltmann Industrial Park, which is home to companies like Empac and Howmet Aerospace; the Robert “Bob” Miller Industrial Park, home to M&R Plating and the Rawlings distribution facility; Industrial park of the city and the countryside; and the Schulze industrial park.

Maniaci said the purchase of 3 acres of land by JB Capital Investments, as well as LMI Aerospace’s request for a two-year option to purchase 9.5 acres of land in Heidmann Industrial Park, would not leave only two properties available for development within the city’s industrial parks. These other properties are a 16 acre property on Enduro Drive and a 3.5 acre lot on Michels Drive.

According to city officials, LMI Aerospace, which has an existing factory at Avantha Drive, is keen to have the option of eventually purchasing Lot 12 in the Heidmann Industrial Park, located directly across from its existing facility. They buy the property for $ 495,000. The company, headquartered in St. Charles, employs 150 people in Washington, according to city officials.

LMI Aerospace supplies parts and supplies to some of the biggest names in commercial air transport, including Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream and Mitsubishi.

Meanwhile, JB Capital Investments is ready to purchase the 3 acre lot known as Lot 15 for $ 45,000. JB Capital is registered with Jon Ballmann, of Marthasville, according to the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.

Maniaci said he was not sure how the properties would be used by these companies, but that this information will become available when they submit the site plans.


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