Mobilize Duo leads the electric mobility campaign of the new Renault brand

When asked why Mobilize opted for a 2+1 three-wheeled design, rather than a conventional two-wheeled arrangement, Lecharpy said: “We want to be as inclusive as possible, and two wheels are not for everybody.”

It is closed on one side only to save weight and steers from the rear to minimize the turning radius. Mobilize also claims the Solo will be able to charge wirelessly, but hasn’t yet released any numbers detailing its range or charging times.

Fast charging hubs

Charging stations will play a fundamental role in supporting Mobilize EV users while introducing the brand to customers of other brands.

By mid-2024, Mobilize will activate 200 own-brand fast charging stations in Renault dealerships in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, before expanding to other European markets, including the UK. United. There will be six 100kW chargers per station, each of which will be located within five minutes of a highway, will be open 24/7 and will offer a lounge-style waiting area. Repurposed batteries from end-of-life electric vehicles will be available to provide additional energy storage, to maintain consistent charging speeds during peak hours, while integrated solar panels will help supply to reduce pressure on the network during peak hours.

Basically, the chargers will be compatible with all electric vehicles, rather than those of the Renault group, although the firm has hinted that users of the brand will have access to cheaper rates.

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