Midway Rentals and Sales expands to Kingsford

KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) – Those looking to rent or buy construction equipment in Dickinson County now have a new option.

Hand tools, lawn mowers and Bobcats are some of the tools on display at the grand opening of Midway Rentals and Sales at its new Kingsford location on Friday. The business has been operating in Negaunee since 1979 and has been trying to expand for three years.

“It allows us to have a central hub to help these customers. This community is thriving,” said Carl Knofski, Midway Rentals and Sales Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator. “There are a lot of good people here. who could really benefit from all the different things we sell, rent and service.”

Knofski says opening a store on Carpenter Avenue in Kingsford connects the company to northern Wisconsin communities. Over 40 vendors showcased their products to visitors, with some even offering demonstrations.

Diablo is one of many companies that supply Midway Rentals and Sales. It specializes in accessories for power tools.

“We just launched six new pandemic product categories, up from the previous five. We’ve doubled that in a pandemic year, and we have more on the horizon,” said Diablo Regional Sales Manager Chris Connor.

Knofski says each vendor brings unique innovations to the table. He says that while most of his clients are entrepreneurs, anyone looking to complete a project is welcome.

“We go from anything small enough to fit in a doorway, to anything you need to build a bridge,” Knofski explained. “You can do anything from working on your garden at home to building a road in Upper Michigan or Northern Wisconsin.”

Knofski says that over the next few weeks more stock items will arrive at the Kingsford location.

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