Midtown Manhattan condo residents are discouraged as construction project drags on for more than five years

“Condo owners want answers,” says Voice NYC Grace Fulton.

NEW YORK, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For Grace and Jesse Fulton the search for the perfect New York condo stopped when they came across the beautiful 10 story downtown manhattan brick condo, a condominium building with separate commercial and residential units, located at 142 East 49th Street. With its impressive neo-classical stone entrance, the couple was seduced by the elegant pre-war building from 1924 and its five picturesque planter-shaped windows that adorn each floor. The apartment’s compact proportions and central location made it easy for the couple to maintain the apartment while still having plenty of space to enjoy life. The couple’s joy quickly turned to concern as construction to maintain and spruce up their beloved condo began to drag on.

Construction of the 45-unit building began in March 2017. The couple first embraced the planned renewal work. The Charms’ return home from the condo they loved was quickly tinged with sadness and ultimately dismay. The chic and classic facade New York the sidewalks are now filled with construction equipment that has been camped out for years and the scaffolding completely obstructs entry. Answers about the progress of the project or its expected conclusions are elusive. Tenants are not only heartbroken, but worried about the building that once made their dreams come true.

Before construction began, the building was such an attractive place that it caught the eye of Blo Blow Dry Bar, a chain of celebrity-owned lounges. Endless construction saw the show relocate in 2019.

“It’s like a bad facelift,” says Grace Fulton. “This construction was supposed to make the building more beautiful and should have been years ago. There has been no progress for years. The facade that was once soft and charming now shows broken bricks and cracks and stone badly in need of repair. We know we are not the only residents of New York face endless construction, but it was a struggle for us. We bought our condo because we really fell in love with the beauty of the building, but for more than five years we have not been able to enjoy the charms that this pre-war building once exuded. We now wonder if the building is even structurally sound. We don’t know where to turn for answers or help.”

For more information on the plight of residents at 142 East 49th Street, please visit www.voicenyc.org.

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About Voice NYC

For more than 20 years, married couple, Grace and Jesse Fulton explored it all New York offers. During their adventures, they fell in love with Midtown Manhattan and the adorable pre-war condo at 142 East 49th Street. For 5 years, they have come together with other residents of their building to demand answers regarding the completion of the construction project. Along with several residents, Grace and Jesse came together to form Voice NYC, a group that advocates the New York one residential condos and empowers their owners.

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