Mecalac launches new models of swivel loaders on the North American market: CEG

The AS750 is wider than the AS600 with an increased wheelbase for even greater stability while the higher engine power provides increased lifting and loading capacity.

Mecalac, a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of compact construction equipment for urban environments, has introduced three new models of wheel loaders to the North American market. The all new AS750, AS850 and AS1000 models join the previously launched swing loaders, the AS600, AS900tele, AS1600 and AS210.

Mecalac pivot loaders feature a rigid frame and three steering modes – 2-wheel, 4-wheel and 4-wheel crab – that allow for tighter turns than a standard articulated loader. Combine that with the Mecalac swing boom, and you have a machine that can perform a full swing in a footprint that’s 20% smaller than a conventional loader, according to the manufacturer.

At the same time, the swing loader is designed to maintain 100% stability regardless of position. With an exclusive integrated counterweight combined with an automatic rear axle locking system, the bucket and its contents can be lifted and rotated up to 90 degrees to either side without any loss of stability.

Finally, the swing boom allows the machine to be positioned just once to perform a loading task, reducing clutter and saving time.

“Mecalac’s swing loaders bring new capabilities to the North American market,” said Peter Bigwood, Managing Director of Mecalac North America.

“Mecalac has designed a product that fills the gaps in traditional loaders and offers a tool capable of operating in a confined space, economical in its movements, improving productivity and perfectly stable in all positions. The new models offer all of these benefits in the 11,000 to 15,000 pound range.

At just over 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg), with a bucket capacity of 0.98 cu. yds., the AS750 is the second smallest swing loader model. Compared to the AS600, the new model is wider with a longer wheelbase (6’1″) for even greater stability while the higher engine power (61 hp/45 kW) provides lifting capacity and increased loading.

The parallel bucket, or P-bucket, offers increased precision during handling operations, especially with pallet forks or the load hook. Finally, the AS750 is designed with a spacious cab and two doors to give the operator optimum visibility for a safer jobsite.

For those looking for even more productivity, the mid-size AS850, with an operating weight of 13,184 lbs. (5,980 kg) and a bucket capacity of 1.1 cu. yds., is the answer. This model encapsulates all the benefits of the AS Series swing loaders with an optional increased travel speed of up to 25 mph.

A power boost over the AS850, the AS1000 is also a mid-size model at 14,639 pounds. (6,640 kg) and a bucket capacity of approximately 1.3 cu. yards. It offers increased speed and efficiency with its high-torque 75 hp (55.4 kW) 4-cylinder engine. An optional high-flow hydraulic line delivers up to 120 l/min, suitable for driving hydraulic attachments.

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