Manufacturing can still have a bright future, providing thousands of high-quality jobs – Peter Agius

It is an ever-changing world and Malta must continue to diversify its economy without neglecting the central pillar of manufacturing, EU official and potential MEP candidate Peter Agius said during a visit to ST micro electronics.

Agius was welcomed by ST Management Laurent Filipozzi and Philippe Zammit and visited the company’s facilities in Kirkop. ST Microelectronics celebrated 40 years of business in Malta last year. The company produces high-tech components primarily for the automotive industry, employing over 1,800 staff in Malta alone.

“At ST, I felt the irresistible force of a company charting a course for greater success, confident in its strengths: a dynamic Maltese and international workforce and constant innovation. I met operators, engineers, technicians and leaders, all sharing a deep commitment to excellence in every detail, from health and safety to improving energy efficiency, including training and innovation. said Pierre Agius

“Our membership of the EU must be a vector for safeguarding and increasing the competitiveness of Maltese companies. Ongoing negotiations on state aid, transport, FDI, corporate rules and EU taxation must take into account the size and character of our economy. If we want manufacturing to continue to thrive in Malta, we need to adapt EU rules to suit us better. We joined a union after painstaking negotiations on all its aspects 20 years ago. This union is constantly evolving and we must continue to negotiate the best deal for our companies and our workers. added Dr. Agius.

Peter Agius, former head of the European Parliament’s office in Malta and speechwriter to President Antonio Tajani, launched his candidacy to run as an MEP candidate earlier this month. A veteran of the European institutions where he has worked since Malta joined, Agius regularly insists on the need to adapt EU policies to the particular needs of Maltese realities with a view to the greater benefit of the Union to all. sectors of Maltese society.

“Malta can derive greater benefit from the European Union if we become more effective in representing Maltese interests in Brussels and further sensitize and empower our communities in Malta. This is why I vouch to be your voice as an MEP, representing Malta with renewed energy so that we can reap more concrete results from EU membership,” Agius concluded. .

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