Launch of the SalesPro application for the sale of used construction equipment


Do you know that feeling when you want to sell equipment on the Internet, and you have to open half a dozen tabs and manually switch back and forth to gather all the relevant information?

Record360 has designed a mobile product that takes all of this digital complexity out of valuing and selling used equipment. The product is called SalesPro and is designed to meet the needs of construction companies, dealers, rental fleets and other commercial equipment owners. With SalesPro, you can identify equipment for sale, determine its condition, price it appropriately, and respond to the interest of potential buyers.

“Sell used equipment, whether it’s a rental car or truck, tractor, loader, crane, backhoe or other industrial equipment, is a painfully manual process, ”says Abby Chao, CEO of Record360. “It’s difficult to know with any degree of reliability what is available and what form the asset is in,” she explains. “It’s even more tedious and time-consuming to build an effective list and then market it to the right person at the right time on the right channels. “

SalesPro solves these problems by allowing salespeople to select the best photos or videos of equipment, attach them to a detailed list, and share lists with prospects across multiple channels in under a minute. In addition, the software can create a list using the latest Record360 image, then text or email that offers an interested buyer, or with one click, fill the list on popular social media platforms.

Abby Chao, CEO, Record360Record360Rather than forcing you to search for information, SalesPro automatically imports the latest inventory data from your ERP. It identifies whether the equipment is rented, sold, damaged or otherwise unavailable for sale. And it filters the make, model, year, times, price, and other data to match buyer’s needs with available inventory and set appropriate prices. In addition, quotes can be sent directly to customers by email or SMS.

For equipment rental companies, the platform also offers additional benefits by bringing together what were previously siled operations – rental managers on one side of the house and sales reps on the other – into one. collaborative process.

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