Godfrey will build a second salt shed


Welcome to the Village of Godfrey.

The telegraph

GODFREY – The Midwest is home to long, harsh winters that can be unforgiving, which the village of Godfrey is trying to forestall.

On Tuesday, the village council approved the expenditure of $ 197,000 for a second rock salt shelter. Instead of the original shelter construction plan at Herter Industrial Drive, the new shelter – a lattice canopy with a fabric roof structure – will be built on the existing property of the Streets Department at Godfrey Road and Winter Lane.

Mayor Mike McCormick said the Godfrey Road location is more centrally located than the Herter Industrial Drive location.

In anticipation of winter, maintenance manager Jim Lewis and his crews halted their paving programs. With a second salt shed, Lewis said he would be able to keep enough salt on hand to get through a harsh winter.

Stutz Excavating submitted the only bid on the project, which was approved on a 5-1 vote by the trustees. Rick Lauschke expressed the only no.

Board members also discussed the possible construction of a larger facility, but land acquisition would be a requirement of such a project. McCormick said discussions and discussions about the larger facility and land acquisition are ongoing, but there are no details on where the facility could be built.

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