FRF Volvo Swansea opens showroom after £ 2million refurbishment

FRF Volvo in Swansea officially opened to the public after undergoing a £ 2million refurbishment

He started the renovation project in October 2019.

Prior to Volvo’s commitment to become a fully electric car maker by 2030, the new showroom features eight 1,200 kW electric vehicle charging points for direct fast charging, designed to meet its growing range new and used electric vehicles. The retailer has also pledged that no refreshments will be served with single-use plastics – in fact, these have been removed from the showroom altogether.

In addition to the new look, the Swansea-based retailer has also grown, with a larger showroom offering a larger display of gasoline, fully electric and hybrid cars, as well as used models approved by Volvo. Selekt on the forecourt. Over 100 different checks ensure these models are not only safe, but perform to the highest standards with the latest Volvo parts and software.

John Radcliffe, Senior Retailer at FRF Volvo, said: “We are delighted to announce the renovation of our site, not least because this impressive development reflects our commitment to improving customer experience and efficiency.

“After the record successes of our new Volvo models over the past year, we felt it was the perfect time to invest in an impressive new showroom that puts electrification at the forefront of our approach,” with eight and an ultra-modern interior, the future of the automobile has certainly arrived at FRF Volvo.

“We look forward to welcoming potential and current customers over a cup of coffee and a pie, to discuss their purchasing and service needs and the future of electrification. “

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