EarthCam app handles live robotic broadcast

June 9, 2022

EarthCam has redesigned its Control Center 8 mobile app to deliver actionable visual data. The app provides faster, more responsive control of live pan, tilt, and zoom cameras and more detailed, higher-resolution views of multi-layer panoramic images. Continuously recorded video of the entire project is now easily navigable and managed from the field using iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices.

The app includes a mobile version of EarthCam’s AI Media Dashboard, a rich visualization tool that generates automated in-app alerts for AI-detected events and sightings, such as PPE advisories , including hard hats or high visibility gear, and real-time status of construction personnel and equipment being used on the job site. From the dashboard, users can easily find and review video for specific events using mobile-friendly menus and Boolean search. Security alerts powered by AI object detection are managed from the app, and exclusion/inclusion zones can easily be drawn on screen and activated immediately.

The new Control Center 8 mobile app triples the number of features and allows viewing and sharing time-lapse videos at multiple presets. A new sharing mode distributes visual information directly to build management platforms, including Procore, Autodesk Build, CMiC, and InEight.

Additionally, single sign-on (SSO) and a simplified dashboard for contractors managing multiple clients have been introduced. Important new solar analytics and battery power monitoring in the app provide live feedback on solar panel positioning. Continuous performance data such as network connection speed and storage space for Edge Video Recorder (EVR) is also part of the latest release.

Watch a promotional video below.

Source: Earth Cam

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