Driven by quality for over 40 years

Beginning as a general industrial merit shop contractor in 1979, Performance Contractors has since grown to provide comprehensive construction services nationwide.

With over 7,000 successful projects under its belt and a motivated team licensed to provide construction and maintenance in 32 states, Performance Contractors serves a multitude of industries including chemical, energy, manufacturing, life, automotive and refining.

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the industrial construction company is one of the largest contractors on the Gulf Coast. His team has the ability to complete projects of any size across the country, from initial planning to turnaround and specialty welding services to pipe fabrication, on time and on budget.

Great job, decades in the making

With a seasoned management team that has a proven track record of projects, focus and success, Performance Contractors is uncompromising in its commitment to safety, quality and efficiency in every job.

Focused on end-to-end construction, the experienced and knowledgeable team at Performance Contractors deliver unparalleled work and results to clients in civil construction, pipe fabrication, EPC, high alloy welding and more.

When it matters most, Performance Contractors goes all out. With a specialized workforce that puts in more than a million hours of work each year, the Performance team has refined its process for utilizing labor and getting work done efficiently. .

For over 40 years, Performance Contractors has continued to support its clients through all phases of the construction process, from site preparation to start-up, placing safety and quality at the forefront of every project and decision. This year, Performance Contractors won two Eagles from ABC’s Construction Excellence Awards for its work on the Innophos Evaporator project and the Marathon Renewable Diesel project.

Focus on safety-oriented construction

The Industrial Contractor’s quality driven process is the result of decades of hard work and dedication to building the best business and ensuring its people are taken care of. First and foremost, safety is Performance Contractors top priority, both onsite and offsite.

Ensuring that its worksites remain as safe as possible and that everyone gets home safely is essential when it comes to performing industrial work at Performance scale. The company has consistently won national awards, including the ABC Excellence in Construction Eagle Awards and honors from the Houston Business Roundtable, Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance and AFPM for cultivating a culture of safety that no one else knows. not only speak, but which is lived in a thoughtful way every day. at all levels.

Throughout the process of a project’s life, from extensive employee training and project planning to final execution, Performance Contractors goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure incident prevention.

Performance Contractors’ focus on safety-driven construction, attention to quality and a drive to exceed expectations in all areas drive the leading construction company’s ability to ‘build better’ every day.

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