Dog Haus gears up for new dual drive-thru store design


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Dog Haus is preparing an ambitious new prototype.

The fast and casual gourmet hot dog chain, which has 40 traditional restaurants and nine ghost kitchens, has yet to open a drive-thru restaurant.

There are plans to have a drive-thru unit later this year, when a franchisee opens the chain’s first in West Virginia.

But the Pasadena, Calif., Based chain recently released preliminary plans for a new prototype, a prototype with traditional drive-thru and an advance order pickup lane for customers to use as well. than by third-party delivery drivers.

It will likely be late next year or even early 2023 before the new design is released to the public, said Quasim Riaz, founding partner of Dog Haus.

The second drive-thru is located right next to the kitchen. Employees at the back of the house can simply put food in lockers, to be picked up by the drivers on the other side of the wall. A QR code tells the customer which locker to open and opens it, Riaz said.

“The world has changed,” he says. “Now there is mobile order pickup. We wanted to do something more in tune with the times.

Drive-thru, and often multiple drive-thru, are at the heart of many new restaurant designs. Taco Bell’s new “Defy” prototype, for example, features four drive-thru services, and Portillo’s and Shake Shack are also brewing new restaurants with multiple pickup lanes.

Convenience has long been at the heart of Dog Haus operations. The chain was one of the first to adopt virtual brands, launching several early in the pandemic. The concepts were created by examining the most popular research on third-party delivery apps.

The chain’s virtual brands include Plant B (plant-based foods), Jailbird (chicken), Bad Mother Clucker (chicken sandwiches), Big Belly Burgers, and Bad Ass Breakfast Burritos. All of them continue to perform well, he said.

The move was a pivotal “glass break emergency” that turned out to be a big hit for the channel, Riaz said.

“We have had tremendous success,” he said. “We believe that when this pandemic is finally behind us, (consumers) will develop habits that they will not give up. We think it wasn’t just a sign of the times, it was a change of times. “

The new design of the Dog Haus store will retain the same number of seats as its previous locations, although the design refines the brand’s industrial look for a more post-modern vibe. It will include a covered terrace with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

“It will always be a Dog Haus,” said Riaz. “More refined and more modern.

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