D6 Inc. plans to move company headquarters to Sulfur Springs


A projected capital investment of $ 27 million is expected to create 231 new jobs

D6 Inc. plans to move the company’s headquarters from Portland, Oregon, to Sulfur Springs, in order to expand its manufacturing presence in the state, Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Friday afternoon, October 15, 2021. D6 Inc. is an advanced design-for-shelf packaging manufacturer, using recycled plastics, and when the pandemic began to shift to manufacturing face shields and masks. The company opened a factory in Sulfur Springs in late 2020, with plans to expand within 18 months, which now includes the relocation of D6 Inc.’s headquarters to Sulfur Springs.

Start of operation at Sulfur Springs

D6 Inc. purchased the old Coca-Cola building, which was more recently the location of S&S business operations. In November 2020, Sulfur Springs City Council was asked to establish an industrial reinvestment zone so that the company could apply for a tax deduction from the hospital district, as well as an economic development agreement with the city so that the Portland, Oregon-based company could make a $ 6 million investment, including a 5,000 square foot expansion, of the former Coca-Cola business, located at the corner of Industrial Drive and Commercial Services Drive.

Sulfur Springs City Council approved the demands for first reading in November and final reading on December 1, 2020, granting a 380-year economic development agreement to D6 Inc., requiring the company to pay all taxes and then to receive a refund when documents showing that the terms of the agreement are being met are provided. That first year, the repayment would be the full amount and then would be reduced by 10 percent each year. Essentially, the company would pay 45 percent of total taxes over the 10 years of the agreement.

On November 23, 2020, a Chapter 381 agreement between Hopkins County and D6 Inc. was approved by the Hopkins County Commissioners Court. This agreement did not cover the entire operation, but only the planned 25,000 square foot expansion of the facility.

Reinvestment zone officially established for D6 to open a factory in Sulfur Springs in late 2020

The company in 2020 had initially indicated its intention to hire 70 employees, but the program approved by the commissioners’ tribunal was to start with 30, pay taxes to the county on the original building, and receive tax relief on the new addition. D6 Inc. had already started hiring employees and moving equipment, but was not fully operational as of November 2020, Sulfur Springs-Hopkins County Economic Development Corporation executive director Roger Feagley reported at the time. adding that the company at the time was planning another expansion that would provide additional jobs at the Sulfur Springs plant for up to 90 employees 18 months later. D6 Inc. was having difficulty filling positions at the time.

On December 17, 2020, the Hopkins County Hospital District approved a tax abatement for D6 Inc.

To look forward

The move of D6 Inc.’s head office to Texas, announced by Governor Abbott on Friday, October 15, 2021, is believed to be the result of months of negotiations and work between the company and local authorities.

The project will create 231 new jobs and $ 27 million in capital investment. A Texas Enterprise Fund grant of $ 1,432,200 was extended to D6. In addition, D6 has been offered a $ 6,000 employment bonus for veterans, Gov. Abbott announced on Friday afternoon October 15, 2021.

“The relocation of D6 headquarters to Sulfur Springs will be a major economic boon for Northeast Texas as it will bring more jobs, opportunities and investment to the community,” Gov. Abbott said in the communicated. “More and more large companies like D6 are moving to Texas every day due to our welcoming business climate and our young, growing, skilled and diverse workforce, and I look forward to working alongside D6 and all of our business and community leaders to keep going Texas is the best place to live, work and raise a family.

“I would like to thank Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker of the House Dade Phelan for supporting D6 Inc.’s vision to bring a world-class recycling operation to the great state of Texas.” , said the head of D6. General manager Edward Dominion said in the press release.

“We greatly appreciate the vision and continued support of the Town of Sulfur Springs, Hopkins County and the Sulfur Springs-Hopkins County EDC. With everyone’s help, D6 Inc. will build the first closed-loop recycling site for single-use PET clamshells in Sulfur Springs, ”Abbott said of the plastic packaging produced by the company.

Sulfur Springs / Hopkins County Economic Development Corporation executive director Roger Feagley also thanked state officials for their support of the D6 project.

“We believe this business will be a long-term asset to our community,” said Feagley.

“Sulfur Springs has always supported the new industry. The relocation and expansion of D6’s head office will boost our local economy and ensure the growth we support, ”said Sulfur Springs Mayor John Sellers.

“Hopkins County is very excited about D6 moving its headquarters from Oregon to Sulfur Springs,” Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom said in the announcement. “We know this will boost our economy by providing new investment. We also appreciate that these jobs pay more than the average weekly wage. “

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