Construction of the Connecticut parking garage at the new station on the rails: CEG

(Courtesy of City of Stamford website)

One week, there was little to see of the parking lot waiting near the Stamford Transportation Center in southwestern Connecticut.

The next, the shell of a building jutted into the horizon.

This is on purpose, according to officials of the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).

Contractors working on the site are on track to complete the second stage of the 928-space parking lot by September to serve one of the busiest stations in the state, said CTDOT spokesman Josh Morgan. , at the Stamford Advocate.

Every day, items are “brought in and dropped on site, much like building a puzzle,” he said.

City and state leaders opened the $81.7 million parking lot in October 2021 to much fanfare. The building is intended to replace a crumbling garage on Station Place, just across the street.

Both CTDOT and Stamford characterize the new garage as part of a plan to reorganize an area near the station plagued by wider transport problems.

With precast concrete slabs, work progresses quickly

The state agency launched a master planning process earlier this year for the Stamford Transportation Hub, which included floating options for a dedicated carpool area and pedestrian improvements, the lawyer reported on 15 June.

Morgan explained that the first year of the project involved a lot of work out of the public eye, such as drainage improvements and foundation work. At the same time, “hundreds and hundreds” of the necessary precast concrete slabs were created offsite, he said.

When preliminary work on South State Street was completed, the concrete slabs were moved into place and construction could begin.

And quick.

Using prefabricated elements, such as prefabricated construction, tends to speed up a project’s construction time by reducing common obstacles such as weather-related delays, Morgan said.

“So if you walk past today and again this time…next week, it’s probably [going to] a little bit different,” he added. “After a year without much, everything is [now] happens all of a sudden.”

Prefabricated products aren’t the only reason the structure will be built by September.

According to Morgan, the agreement with the parking lot contractors states that construction “should be completed in approximately five months” and that part of the work began in May.

But once the building is complete, there is still work to be done, he said. From late 2022 through summer 2023 – when CTDOT plans to unveil the garage – contractors will work on interior finishes.

Next, CTDOT will connect the garage to the Stamford transport hub via an enclosed pedestrian bridge. Morgan said the term should be in place “by the end of the year.”

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