B2W Software API Streamlines Construction Equipment Inspection and Repair Process


B2W Software has introduced new features within its ONE platform that allow contractors to identify equipment faults and complete repairs faster.

B2W’s ONE platform can automatically generate repair requests based on data from electronic forms used to perform equipment inspections. The enhanced process immediately transmits detailed information from equipment inspections to the maintenance team.

By eliminating the latency and manual steps to transfer this data, contractors can identify and perform equipment repair jobs more efficiently to minimize maintenance costs while improving the uptime and safety of the equipment. the equipment.

Zutphen Contractors and GW-EX, Inc. are among the first companies to benefit from this workflow using the B2W Inform application for forms and reports, the B2W Maintain application for equipment maintenance management and connection API to automate the creation and logging of repair requests. .

“The new system is very effective in immediately feeding inspection information back to the shop floor and into the maintenance software,” said Danielle Ehler, Zutphen Contractors. “When we relied on paper forms and phone calls, it was easy to miss things during the transfer or overlook minor equipment issues. “

The civil and heavy marine construction company in Nova Scotia, Canada processes up to 40 repair requests per month.

“Now there is a record and history of the request submitted and also reviewed by our mechanics,” said Jon Ewart, owner of GW-EX. “We have also been able to prioritize work more efficiently, so that issues impacting safety and production take priority over smaller cosmetic demands. “

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