Airtac revenue of NT$2.3 billion, down 20.2% from March

  • By Chen Cheng-hui / Staff Reporter

Pneumatic component supplier Airtac International Group (亞德客) on Friday reported consolidated revenue of NT$2.26 billion ($76.2 million) for the last month, down 20.2 percent. compared to the previous month due to the reduction in the number of working days and the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

Revenue last month was down 6.67% year-on-year as strict pandemic measures prevented the company from delivering products to customers quickly or efficiently, Airtac said in a filing. regulatory.

“However, the company believes that these adverse effects are short-term phenomena and that demand is only postponed in the coming weeks or months,” Airtac said in the filing.

The company said current orders were well above its shipments, while the effects of China’s tough COVID-19 restrictions remain unclear.

“The company still has a positive expectation for market demand, so it is maintaining a 110% utilization rate to increase inventory to meet demand,” Airtac said.

The Company’s products are used in the production of electronic equipment, general machinery, packaging, automotive appliances, batteries, construction equipment and machine tools.

Shipments for the battery, automobile and textile machinery industries showed a higher growth rate last month, he said.

From January to last month, cumulative revenue reached NT$8.77 billion, up 4.94% year-on-year on strong customer demand and capacity increases for pneumatic components and equipment. linear guidance, according to Airtac data.

Separately, linear motion component supplier Hiwin Technologies Co (上銀科技) reported that last month’s revenue edged up 1.13% month-on-month to NT$2.74 billion, the highest since. October 2018.

The company continued to benefit from call orders from customers in the semiconductor, automation, new energy, machine tool and electric vehicle industries.

Revenue last month rose 22.65% year on year, indicating that China’s continued lockdowns in some cities have not affected the company’s main manufacturing site in Suzhou, North China. Jiangsu province, although local distributors in Shanghai and Kunshan are facing logistical problems due to strict pandemic measures.

Hiwin’s cumulative revenue in the first four months of the year grew 25.3 percent year on year to NT$10.31 billion, the company said in its regulatory filing on Friday.

Hiwin, which also produces ball screws and linear guides, said it has clear visibility on orders through the third quarter of the year.

Analysts expect Hiwin’s revenue and profit to continue to grow this year, given a continued recovery in automation demand in Europe and the United States, as well as price increases in response to increased demand. raw material costs.

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